Earthquake A page from diary

This is the second week after the earthquake. Things are getting worse and worse. Look at that old woman who has lost the hope now. Though she’s still staring and keeping eyes on the ruined house of her husband. She has no one to console her. My uncle’s house is destroyed and debris has engulf all the family except two of cousins we are. My cousin Alian of 11. Look at his stature. His color is paled and red the eyes He has lost 5-10 pounds within a week. We have been living in a world for a week where we sometimes luckily find a half meal, there’s no single house remain safe, dead bodies everywhere, nothing to eat, power source cut, no mobile phones, no conveyance, roads are destroyed and blocked, there’s no way to come out of this terrible circumstance. I don’t know anything about my family who was 300km away before the earthquake in Kotli. May they are safe.
A few volunteers and other rescue teams reached a day before but they’re focused to rescue the people who are trapped in the remains of the houses and are lifting dead bodies to bury them.
At night the scene becomes more horrible. We spend night in a small camp with our neighbor old woman (I mentioned above). The dogs and other animals eat the dead bodies representing a horrible scene. This is the real end of world. It’s the real Doomsday. We need help but we’re not begging for it.
Muzafarabad 17/08/2005

This is a page from my diary on 2005 Earthquake destruction in Azad Kashmir. I went to my uncle’s house there in Muzafarabad. This depicts the destruction where my uncle’s house was destroyed and all the family was died except me and Alian. More than a hundred thousand people were killed in that earthquake in Azad Kashmir.